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The Mines are located in the north area of the Mountains (northeast of the Carpenter's Shop and to the west of the Adventurer's Guild). They are blocked by rock debris until the 5th day of Spring (Year 1), when the player receives a letter.


There are 120 floors total (sometimes called levels) in the Mines. Ore type and quantity increases as the player moves deeper into the Mines. The Mines are filled with rocks and dirt patches. Rocks can be mined with a pickaxe in order to obtain stone, ore and geodes. A hoe can be used on dirt patches to collect minerals, artifacts, ore, clay, and cave carrots.

To advance deeper in the Mines, a ladder must be revealed on each floor. The ladder will sometimes appear when rocks are broken or after an enemy is defeated (killing enemies is the stamina-free option to finding ladders). If a floor is "infested" or "overrun" by monsters, all enemies must be defeated on that floor before a ladder will appear.

If you pass out in the Mines from exhaustion (zero energy), or when 2:00AM arrives, you lose 10% of your gold, up to a maximum of Gold.png1.000g. If you pass out from drained health, you lose the same amount of gold and also various inventory items, including weapons and tools (except for the Galaxy Sword). If tools are lost, they are returned in the mail on the following day, though Fishing poles and weapons will not be returned. You will awaken in the mine entrance, found by one of the villagers.

You can recover lost items by contacting Marlon at the Adventurer's Guild. One lost item (or stack of items) can be purchased there, any time after passing out due to low health. The price is the base sell price of the lost item (i.e., the gold that would be obtained from selling one item or stack of items). Marlon's Item Recovery Service persists until the next time the player loses items in the Mines, when previously lost items are replaced by newly lost items.

A Minecart is located on the entry floor for quick travel to and from the mine. It is unlocked by completing the Community Center boiler room bundles or purchased from the Joja Community Development Form.



The Mines consist of 120 floors (sometimes called levels). These floors are divided into three sections, 40 floors each, with their own themes; the first section has a brown earth theme, the second section has an ice theme, the third and last section has a lava and dark purple theme. The last ten floors of each section has a variation of the main theme; the first section (Floor 31-39) has a shadow theme, the second section (70-79) has a castle theme, and the third section (110-119) has a darker crimson theme.

The corresponding floors in each section have the same layout. For example, Floor 1, 41, and 81 have the same layout; as does 2, 42, and 82; or Floor 10, 50, and 90; and so on.

Floor Theme Enemies Treasures Notes
Entrance Brown Earth None Rusty Sword.png Rusty Sword A Minecart is located here.
The Dwarf lives through the blocked passage to the east.
(A Steel Pickaxe or a Cherry Bomb is required to break the obstruction.)
1 - 9 Brown Earth Green Slime.png Green SlimeDuggy.png DuggyBug.png BugRock Crab.png Rock Crab Copper Ore begins to appear on Floor 2
Gems found: Amethyst, Topaz, Quartz, and Earth Crystal
10 Brown Earth None Leather Boots.png Leather Boots
11 - 19 Brown Earth, Weeds Green Slime.png Green SlimeDuggy.png DuggyBug.png BugRock Crab.png Rock CrabGrub.png GrubCave Fly.png Cave Fly Floor 12 has a bag of coal at the end of the path.
Floor 19 is set in a spiral pattern.
20 Brown Earth, Weeds None Steel Smallsword.png Steel Smallsword Fishing: Ghostfish and Stonefish
21 - 29 Brown Earth, Weeds Green Slime.png Green SlimeDuggy.png DuggyBug.png BugRock Crab.png Rock CrabGrub.png GrubCave Fly.png Cave Fly
30 Brown Earth None No reward
31 - 39 Shadow, Grey Earth Bat.png BatStone Golem.png Stone Golem Geodes are common
40 Frozen Earth None Slingshot.png Slingshot
41 - 49 Frozen Earth Frost Jelly.png Frost JellyFrost Bat.png Frost BatDust Sprite.png Dust Sprite Iron Ore, Frozen Geodes, Aquamarine, Frozen Tear, and Jades begin to appear
50 Frozen Earth None Tundra Boots.png Tundra Boots Diamonds begin to appear (1 in 500 stones).
Each floor after 50 increases frequency by 0.00016 (e.g. 1 in 100 stones on floor 100).
51 - 59 Frozen Earth Frost Jelly.png Frost JellyFrost Bat.png Frost BatDust Sprite.png Dust SpriteGhost.png Ghost Abundant Dust Sprites (Coal).
Floor 52 has a bag of coal at the end of the path.
Floor 59 is set in a spiral pattern.
60 Frozen Earth None Crystal Dagger.png Crystal Dagger Fishing: Ice Pip and Ghostfish
61 - 69 Frozen Earth Frost Jelly.png Frost JellyFrost Bat.png Frost BatDust Sprite.png Dust SpriteGhost.png Ghost
70 Frozen Castle None Master Slingshot.png Master Slingshot
71 - 79 Frozen Castle Frost Jelly.png Frost JellyFrost Bat.png Frost BatDust Sprite.png Dust SpriteGhost.png GhostSkeleton.png Skeleton
80 Lava, Purple Earth None Firewalker Boots.png Firewalker Boots
81 - 89 Lava, Purple Earth Red Sludge.png Red SludgeLava Bat.png Lava BatLava Crab.png Lava CrabShadow Brute.png Shadow BruteShadow Shaman.png Shadow ShamanMetal Head.png Metal HeadSquid Kid.png Squid Kid Gold Ore and Magma Geodes begin to appear.
Emeralds, Fire Quartz, and Rubies are common.
90 Lava, Purple Earth None Obsidian Edge.png Obsidian Edge
91 - 99 Lava, Purple Earth Red Sludge.png Red SludgeLava Bat.png Lava BatLava Crab.png Lava CrabShadow Brute.png Shadow BruteShadow Shaman.png Shadow ShamanMetal Head.png Metal HeadSquid Kid.png Squid Kid Floor 92 has a bag of coal at the end of the path.
Floor 99 is set in a spiral pattern.
100 Lava, Purple Earth, Weeds None Stardrop.png Yıldızkaydı Fishing: Lava Eel
101 - 109 Lava, Purple Earth, Weeds Red Sludge.png Red SludgeLava Bat.png Lava BatLava Crab.png Lava CrabShadow Brute.png Shadow BruteShadow Shaman.png Shadow ShamanMetal Head.png Metal HeadSquid Kid.png Squid Kid
110 Lava, Crimson Earth None Space Boots.png Space Boots
111 - 119 Lava, Crimson Earth Red Sludge.png Red SludgeLava Bat.png Lava BatLava Crab.png Lava CrabShadow Brute.png Shadow BruteShadow Shaman.png Shadow ShamanMetal Head.png Metal HeadSquid Kid.png Squid Kid
120 Lava, Purple Earth None Skull Key.png Skull Key Final floor


Ladders can be dropped from Monsters[1], Rocks[2], or spawned on load[3]

Every monster killed has a flat 15% chance of spawning a ladder, assuming the enemy was killed over an unobstructed tile. This does not prevent ladders spawning from rocks.

Some floors are preloaded with a ladder (12, 52, 92, treasure floors in skull caverns). These ladders do not prevent ladders spawning from rocks.

After a floor loads, there is a 95% chance that a ladder will try to spawn. A tile is chosen at random, and if it is unobstructed then a ladder is placed. This will prevent ladders spawning from rocks

Every rock hit has a base chance of 2% of spawning a ladder. This is adjusted by daily luck/5 (+/-10% / 5 = +/- 2%) and food buffs (every point of buff/100 i.e. each point of food buff adds 1%). The inverse of the number of rocks remaining after the rock is hit is added (e.g 5 rocks remaining - 1/5 = 0.2 = 20%, 100 rocks remaining = 1/100 = 0.01 = 1%). If no enemies remain then 4% is added. If this chance hits, then a ladder will spawn, and prevent further ladders spawning from rocks. If you are in the skull caverns there is a 20% chance that a shaft will spawn instead, and this does not prevent further ladders/shafts spawning from rocks.

Crates and Barrels

Crates and barrels in the mines drop items when destroyed at the following rates[4]:

Item 0-39 40-79 80+ (including Skull Cavern)
Nothing 25.2% 25.2% 25.2%
Stone.png Taş 10.4% 10.4% 5.2%
Wood.png Odun 10.4% 5.2% 5.2%
Hardwood.png Kereste 5.6% 5.6% 5.6%
Sap.png Öz 5.2% 5.2% 5.2%
Coal.png Kömür 5.2% 5.2% 5.2%
Copper Ore.png Bakır Cevheri 5.2% 5.2% 5.2%
Iron Ore.png Demir Cevheri 0% 5.2% 5.2%
Gold Ore.png Altın Cevheri 0% 0% 5.2%
Cave Carrot.png Mağara Havucu 7.8% 7.8% 7.8%
Geode.png Jeot 8.2% 0% 0%
Frozen Geode.png Donuk Jeot 0% 8.2% 0%
Magma Geode.png Yanık Jeot 0% 0% 2.6%
Omni Geode.png Bütünjeot 0% 0% 5.6%
Amethyst.png Ametist 5.6% 0% 0%
Topaz.png Topaz 5.6% 0% 0%
Aquamarine.png Gök Zümrütü 0% 5.6% 0%
Jade.png Yeşim 0% 5.6% 0%
Emerald.png Zümrüt 0% 0% 5.6%
Ruby.png Yakut 0% 0% 5.6%
Special Item
(See below)
5.6% 5.6% 5.6%

Special Items

The following are the special items that can be obtained from either crates and barrels or monsters carrying special items[5]

Floor Items
Mines: 0-19 Carving Knife.png Carving KnifeWood Club.png Wood ClubSneakers.png SneakersRubber Boots.png Rubber BootsSmall Glow Ring.png Küçük Parıldayan YüzükSmall Magnet Ring.png Küçük Manyetik Yüzük
Mines: 20-39 Forest Sword.png Forest SwordWind Spire.png Wind SpireWood Club.png Wood ClubRubber Boots.png Rubber BootsSneakers.png SneakersSmall Glow Ring.png Küçük Parıldayan YüzükSmall Magnet Ring.png Küçük Manyetik Yüzük
Mines: 40-59 Forest Sword.png Forest SwordIron Edge.png Iron EdgeLead Rod.png Lead RodWood Mallet.png Wood MalletThermal Boots.png Thermal BootsGlow Ring.png Parıldayan YüzükMagnet Ring.png Manyetik Yüzük
Floor Items
Mines: 60-120
Skull Cavern: 0-39
Lead Rod.png Lead Rod (Three chances)Combat Boots.png Combat BootsThermal Boots.png Thermal BootsGlow Ring.png Parıldayan YüzükMagnet Ring.png Manyetik Yüzük
Skull Cavern 40+
Quarry Mine
Burglar's Shank.png Burglar's ShankSteel Falchion.png Steel FalchionTempered Broadsword.png Tempered BroadswordThe Slammer.png The SlammerWicked Kris.png Wicked KrisDark Boots.png Dark BootsGenie Shoes.png Genie ShoesBattery Pack.png Pil

Dirt Patches

The following table lists the chances of finding items available from dirt patches [6]. It doesn't matter if a hoe or a bomb is used to dig the soil.

Item Chance
Nothing 85.9%
Dwarf Scroll I 0.16%
Lost Book/Mixed Seeds 0.16%
Rusty Spoon 0.16%
Rusty Spur 0.16%
Skeletal Tail 0.16%
Dwarvish Helm (Floors 1-40 only) 0.1%
Dwarf Scroll II (Floors 1-40 only) 0.1%
Dwarf Gadget (Floors 41-80 only) 0.1%
Gold Bar (Floors 41-80 only) 0.1%
Dwarf Scroll IV (Floors 81-120 only) 0.2%
Strange Doll (yellow) 0.03%
Strange Doll (green) 0.03%
Stone 1.33%
Ore (Floor appropriate) 1.33%
Clay 4.68%
Omni Geode 0.17%
Geode (Floor appropriate) 0.51%
Cave Carrot 5.03%

Infested Floors

Entering an infested floor

Occasionally you will enter an infested floor filled with slimes or a mix of monsters. Unlike normal floors, there are no rocks and in slime-infested floors the walls and ground are covered in green slime rather than the normal themes. Forage-able items such as quartz or mushrooms may still be found though. To proceed from an infested floor, you must continue to fight until all monsters are killed (this includes duggies that may be hidden under dirt patches), at which point a ladder will appear either where the last monster was killed or next to the entrance (the player will be notified with a message saying, "A way down has appeared").

A Staircase can also be used to escape an infested floor.

An infested floor will always be on the same floor for each day and goes up one floor the next day. For example, if an infested floor is found on floor 54 one day, it will be on 53 the next day, 52 the day after that, and so on. On some days, an infested floor might not be found because certain floors are excluded from being infested. These include elevator/treasure floors and the first five, last ten, and nineteenth floor of each section (refer back to the information about sections in Floors). There can be multiple infested floors at once, each are generally around twenty or more floors apart.

The Oil of Garlic Buff prevent floors from being infested. Oil of Garlic must be consumed before entering the floor to prevent infestation.

Repeatedly visiting infested floors can be an excellent way to quickly achieve some of the Monster Eradication Goals at the Adventurer's Guild.

The Mushroom Floor

The Mushroom Floor

Sometimes a floor in the lower section of the mine (floors 81-119) will have greatly increased spawns of red and purple mushrooms. These floors will also notably have a variety of colored lanterns which usually includes at least one green lantern.

Note that no mushrooms will spawn on an elevator floor (floors ending in 0 or 5) or if the floor is infested (see previous section.) Additionally, the mushroom floor is neither unique nor guaranteed -- there may be multiple active mushroom floors or no such floors at all on a given day, and that situation may persist for several days or weeks.

Dungeon Floors

Dungeon floors are similar in appearance to the single floor of the Quarry Mine. They may spawn randomly at any floor of the Mines.

The Bottom of the Mines

On floor 120 of the Mines is the Skull Key. The skull key is used to open a door in a cave in The Desert, leading to the Skull Cavern. It is also used to unlock the Junimo Kart arcade machine for play in The Stardrop Saloon.

Furthermore, reaching this floor also changes other parts of the game (introduced in 1.3.27):

  • prismatic shards and diamonds will now rarely drop from any monster;
  • gems and purple mushrooms may now be found when searching trash bins;
  • gems and purple mushrooms may now be requested in NPC quests;
  • some monsters will be stronger.



If the screen becomes "misty", "glowy", or "foggy", several of the current floor's flying monsters will spawn and attack. Consuming Oil of Garlic will prevent these infestation fogs.


If the player has reached at least Mining skill level 2, floors can be skipped by using a Staircase (crafted from 99 Stone). A Staircase allows instant access to the next floor in the Mines. After every 5 floors, an elevator will be available, allowing access to that floor at any time.


Shown below are foods with buffs that are useful when exploring the Skull Cavern. Note that eating a food with buffs will wipe out any active buffs and replace them with the buffs from the newly eaten food. If the newly eaten food has no buffs, the existing buffs will remain in effect. Coffee and Triple Shot Espresso are an exception to this rule; they will stack with other food buffs (but not each other).

Image Name Ingredients Restores Buff(s) Duration
Autumn's Bounty.png
Autumn's Bounty Yam.png Tatlı Patates (1)Pumpkin.png Balkabağı (1) Energy.png220Health.png99 Foraging.png Toplayıcılık (+2)Defense.png Savunma (+2) Time Icon.png 7m 41s
Coffee Coffee Bean.png Kahve Çekirdeği (5) Energy.png3Health.png1 Speed.png Hız (+1) Time Icon.png 1m 23s
Crab Cakes.png
Crab Cakes Crab.png Yengeç (1)Wheat Flour.png Buğday Unu (1)Egg.png Yumurta (1)Oil.png Yağ (1) Energy.png225Health.png101 Speed.png Hız (+1)Defense.png Savunma (+1) Time Icon.png 16m 47s
Cranberry Sauce.png
Cranberry Sauce Cranberries.png Kızılcık (1)Sugar.png Şeker (1) Energy.png125Health.png56 Mining.png Madencilik (+2) Time Icon.png 3m 30s
Eggplant Parmesan.png
Eggplant Parmesan Eggplant.png Patlıcan (1)Tomato.png Domates (1) Energy.png175Health.png78 Mining.png Madencilik (+1)Defense.png Savunma (+3) Time Icon.png 4m 39s
Fried Eel.png
Fried Eel Eel.png Yılanbalığı (1)Oil.png Yağ (1) Energy.png75Health.png33 Luck.png Şans (+1) Time Icon.png 7m
Fried Mushroom.png
Fried Mushroom Common Mushroom.png Mantar (1)Morel.png Kuzumantarı (1)Oil.png Yağ (1) Energy.png135Health.png60 Attack.png Saldırı (+2) Time Icon.png 7m
Lucky Lunch.png
Lucky Lunch Sea Cucumber.png Denizhıyarı (1)Tortilla.png Tortilla (1)Blue Jazz.png Maviruh (1) Energy.png100Health.png45 Luck.png Şans (+3) Time Icon.png 11m 11s
Magic Rock Candy.png
Magic Rock Candy N/A Energy.png500Health.png225 Mining.png Madencilik (+2)Luck.png Şans (+5)Speed.png Hız (+1)Defense.png Savunma (+5)Attack.png Saldırı (+5) Time Icon.png 8m 24s
Maple Bar.png
Maple Bar Maple Syrup.png Akçaağaç Pekmezi (1)Sugar.png Şeker (1)Wheat Flour.png Buğday Unu (1) Energy.png225Health.png101 Farming.png Çiftçilik (+1)Fishing.png Balıkçılık (+1)Mining.png Madencilik (+1) Time Icon.png 16m 47s
Miner's Treat.png
Miner's Treat Cave Carrot.png Mağara Havucu (2)Sugar.png Şeker (1)Milk.png Süt (1) Energy.png125Health.png56 Mining.png Madencilik (+3)Magnetism.png Çekim (+32) Time Icon.png 5m 35s
Pepper Poppers.png
Pepper Poppers Hot Pepper.png Acı Biber (1)Cheese.png Peynir (1) Energy.png130Health.png58 Speed.png Hız (+1)Farming.png Çiftçilik (+2) Time Icon.png 7m
Pumpkin Soup.png
Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin.png Balkabağı (1)Milk.png Süt (1) Energy.png200Health.png90 Luck.png Şans (+2)Defense.png Savunma (+2) Time Icon.png 7m 41s
Roots Platter.png
Roots Platter Cave Carrot.png Mağara Havucu (1)Winter Root.png Kış Kökü (1) Energy.png125Health.png56 Attack.png Saldırı (+3) Time Icon.png 5m 35s
Spicy Eel.png
Spicy Eel Eel.png Yılanbalığı (1)Hot Pepper.png Acı Biber (1) Energy.png115Health.png51 Luck.png Şans (+1)Speed.png Hız (+1) Time Icon.png 7m
Stuffing Bread.png Ekmek (1)Cranberries.png Kızılcık (1)Hazelnut.png Fındık (1) Energy.png170Health.png76 Defense.png Savunma (+2) Time Icon.png 5m 35s
Super Meal.png
Super Meal Bok Choy.png Çin Lahanası (1)Cranberries.png Kızılcık (1)Artichoke.png Enginar (1) Energy.png160Health.png72 Speed.png Hız (+1)Max Energy.png Toplam Enerji (+40) Time Icon.png 3m 30s
Triple Shot Espresso.png
Triple Shot Espresso Coffee.png Kahve (3) Energy.png8Health.png3 Speed.png Hız (+1) Time Icon.png 4m 12s


  • The axe, scythe or pickaxe can be used to kill monsters in lieu of the sword.
  • Stone can be purchased from the Carpenter's Shop for Gold.png20g each during game year 1, making it possible to skip all 120 floors using Staircases for just under Gold.png250.000g (useful for unlocking all the floors in order to return later).
    • Starting in year 2, the price of stone increases to Gold.png100g, making this a much more expensive technique.
    • Monsters become more difficult to kill, increase damage, and may gain a speed boost after reaching the bottom of the Mines[7], so this technique is not without penalties.
  • If all monsters on a floor are killed, the chance of finding a ladder under a broken rock is increased by 4%.[8]
  • At floor 120, both the Green Serpent Statue and the Purple Serpent Statue are found.


External Links

Players with access to their saved game files may find the "Stardew Predictor" utility helpful for predicting which mine floors will be infested and which floors will be mushroom floors. The utility is located at


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  • 1.3: Removed exploit that created a ladder to the Skull Cavern on floor 120 by blowing up an item with a bomb.
  • 1.4: Added random dungeon (quarry mine) levels. Changed the way mushroom levels are spawned, so they cannot be repeatedly "farmed". Removed exploit where clicking the journal icon would prevent the passing out (from low health) cutscene where items and gold were lost. Mine levels are no longer forgotten when passing out due to low health. Added Marlon's Item Recovery Service. Mine floors now also reset as soon as the player returns to floor 0, instead of only the next 10-minute tick of the game clock when on a lower numbered floor.